Daily TSP Privacy Policy


Last Updated March 20, 2020


Daily TSP does not require you to provide any personal data in order to use the application nor does it store any personal data in cloud location.


Daily TSP allows the user to purchase a pro version application upgrade directly from inside the application. Such in-application purchases are made through Apple store.  In order to prevent involuntary purchases, before making any in-app purchase the user will always be asked to provide their Apple ID and password.  These data, and any personal data related to the Apple account, are collected by Apple, and are governed by their own privacy policy. Daily TSP does not store or access this information in any way.


Daily TSP does not collect any payment data (such as the number of the credit card, the billing name and address, the secret code, and the like).  Such payment data are provided by the user while creating an account on Apple store, and are collected and processed by the third parties providing the payment services (e.g. credit card, Paypal, etc.).