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The latest TSP share price data updated daily! Includes fund information, interactive charts, and ability to track your TSP account


TSP Data at Your Fingertips


Track Your TSP Account

Ability to track your TSP account health

One of the best things you can do to ensure your financial health is to be actively involved in monitoring your most important financial accounts. For civil servants, the TSP is your most important nest egg for retirement and tracking it will pay off in big ways over time!

Daily TSP provides a one-stop location to not only track your own TSP account, but also the TSP funds in general. All of the data and information is updated daily and allows you to make more educated and responsible decisions about your TSP finances.


TSP Data Updated Daily

Historical data for all current and future TSP funds

The latest TSP share prices are updated daily and automatically pushed to the Daily TSP app. The Daily TSP app is always up to date and provides the latest data at your finger tips. This data is gathered daily from the official TSP fund share price database resource found at: TSP Share Price History

Daily data is fetched for all funds: C Fund (Common Stock Index Investment Fund), S Fund (Small Cap Stock Index Investment Fund), I Fund (International Stock Index Investment Fund), G Fund (Government Securities Investment Fund), F Fund (Fixed Income Index Investment Fund), L Income (Lifecycle Income Fund), L 2020 (Lifecycle 2020 Fund), L 2030 (Lifecycle 2030 Fund), L 2040 (Lifecycle 2040 Fund), L 2050 (Lifecycle 2050 Fund)


Always Taking Feedback

What can we do to make Daily TSP better?

We want to make Daily TSP as useful as possible and the only way to do that is to listen to the users and make providing feedback as easy as possible. If you have a feature request just use the in-app feedback page to submit that request. That's all it takes, and we will look into adding that feature in a future release! Easy peasy.

No one is perfect, and mistakes happen. If you ever come across an issue, please don't hesitate to use the in-app feedback page to send direct feedback, instantly! We will review it and push a fix in an upcoming update as soon as possible.

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